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Apicoectomy tooth 9

Apicoectomy - AAE

Apicoectomy tooth 9

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Apicoectomy F. D. Fragiskos 13 Apicoectomy is the surgical resection of the root tip of a tooth and its removal together with the pathological periapical tissues.
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Apicoectomy Surgery is done when there is a legion, colateral or residual infection around the tip of the root. Laser technology is used. Major factor and

Visit to learn more. Laser dentist Dr. Robert Barr performs an apicoectomy using the Technology 4 Medicine Erbium YAG laser. Tip 1.3

Apicoectomy Surgery - Tooth Number 12.
If a root canal procedure has been done in the past and it becomes infected again, it’s often because of a problem near the apex of the root.

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Apicoectomy tooth 9